Our digital auditing process is structured to help you upraise the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s digital marketing. More importantly, before your digital presence or marketing campaign gets stagnant, our digital auditors can help you get the remarks. Our digital auditing system is designed to assist and educate in order to refine your current digital efforts and bring out the best of you with our experts’ recommended strategies.

Upon receiving our service you will be more aware of 4 certain part of your overall digital presence.


Content- It helps you identify the lacking and strong point of you pages and how the contents should be in order to attract the consumers. We also provide a suggestion of what to incorporate to better reach the minds of the audience. A details scenario of the SEO activity within the content is analyzed in order for improvement of organic reach.

UI/UX- The user interface will be reviewed based on the ease of the consumers. Starting from domain to the favicon, a detail report will be presented. The flow of information structure will also be analyzed and a suggestion will be provided keeping in mind the user comfort.

Technical- This will be an in-depth analysis of the websites performance, server & security and mobile rendering. Factors such as HTML size, flash contents, nested tables, serving resources will be taken into consideration for the audit.

Social Media- We will observe the social media platforms utilized by the company for promotion purpose and identify the nature of the contents presented and its ability to engage the audience to uphold the brand. Starting from simple company detail to the dynamic and innovative content posting, everything will be audited in detail.

Finally a recommendation will be provided mentioning the fields for improvement.

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