Best Bangladeshi animation house

We revolutionize animation with the latest technology

Create stunning 3D Animated content for your brand

Technomagic boasts the country’s best animators who are dedicatedly making beautiful animated content

Realistic architectural visualization that sells

Give your customers an immersive experience with our realistic architectural visualization

Want to develop games?

Start your project with us, the leading game developer company in Bangladesh

Immersive VR experience like no other

Feel the magical revolution of Augmented reality & virtual reality with us

Tech and Story-telling at its best

Technomagic is one of the leading animation studio and software development firm in Bangladesh. We produce some of the best 3D animation movies, VFX, game development, software solutions. Our team specializes in working with next generation technologies
such as Augmented reality and Virtual reality games and solutions. Our aim is to bring cutting edge solutions to Bangladesh and become the pioneers of this industry.
The endless love we have for content has led us to fuel our creativity with modern technology to produce a Magical experience. Our development and creative team work tirelessly to produce beautiful content, bound to make a difference

TechnoMagic will harvest the greatest technologies from the electronics world and employ local talents to design, develop and deploy its own solutions through creativity, innovation, research and development.

Our Services







Technomagic produces top quality 3D animation movies, 2d animations, VFX, motion graphics and explainer videos ideal for your brand.






Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions

Experience an immersive experience like no other with our augmented reality apps and virtual reality games/solutions. Augmented reality and Virtual reality e-commerce.






Interactive games

Motion based games and beautifully crafted interactive visuals brought to life by our creative and development team







Our Digital audit and digital marketing strategy is perfectly designed for SEO, Media-buying, Data analysis, Keywords research, Market research, and other digital services that will fulfill all your digital needs and result in gaining a target audience for your business. 






Architectural Visualization

A full 360 solution for your real estate and architectural projects- 3D renderings, Augmented reality brochures, Virtual reality walkthroughs and many more solutions!






Game Development

Mobile games, virtual reality games, augmented reality games and interactive games – Technomagic does it all.







Technomagic develops web based applications, mobile based applications, desktop applications,kiosk applications etc.

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House# 414, Road# 30, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206.