Virtual Reality

Want to experience something outside your regular world and step into a new dimension? We can make this wonder world work for your real life purposes through virtual reality technology.

Virtual Reality

Want to experience something outside your regular world and step into a new dimension? We can make this wonder world work for your real life purposes through virtual reality technology.

Prepare yourselves for virtual reality devices as you are about to enter a virtual space full of possibilities. Our virtual reality applications can support your imagination and enhance your work operations.

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Ever heard of virtual reality? A reality that does not exist? Yes, you can have the dreamland experience of Virtual Reality (VR) for any business operations you feel like! You can have a world outside your physical presence and increase your work efficiency at the same time. But for this to happen, you need an experienced, master class VR service provider. Are you searching for one? Then you’re at just the right place.

Technomagic can bring you the fantasy world of VR simulations right in your hands. Our enthusiastic VR team offers the most effective, creative solutions to your business. Your outcomes and comfort can be amplified by the VR solutions we provide. We can be your service providers for a magical VR experience in any industry or business you wish.

We have pipelines and service processes ready for some of the sectors.

We provide VR solutions to the following industry
Real Estate Industry, Automobiles, Inventory Shops, Gaming Industry, Furniture Industry, Manufacturing Projects and even Educational Purposes.

For your better efficiency in real estate

Real estate businesses can be frustrating. Want an easier process for your daily job? You can switch to our VR technology anytime.
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Technomagic works for –

  • visualization
  • settings
  • planning, etc. of buildings through the use of VR

Why bother with architectural efficiency for your planning, experimenting, designing and executing when we can help you? Technomagic can directly help to fulfil your expectations and help your work reach a different level of perfection.

Make learning more fun

Our VR can help with distant learning especially during this pandemic. Technomagic has already worked with distant learning efforts.
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  • You can experience historical places through VR, giving people the live feeling of visiting the sights.
  • Museums can also have VR forms which anyone can enjoy from distant locations.
  • Technomagic already has a VR Chemistry Lab ready for learners which they can go through during this pandemic. Our different lab will give kids the experience of a real life chemistry lab.

As learners are away from physical educational settings, this can be a good opportunity. Plus, they can do one experiment multiple times unlike many real educational labs.

For the love and selling of cars

Have an Automobile industry? You can cut operational costs by implementing VR. Here’s how our VR service can help you –
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  • Imagine having no space constraints! You can have a smaller showroom while displaying all models you wish to.
  • We all know designing can be a havoc. Our VR can ensure better efficiency in designing your cars, making your work easier.
  • Want your customers to drive for full experience? With our VR solutions, experience the thrill of driving different models without the actual hustle.
  • Specifications demands will be easier to handle as VR can help you prepare the actual model beforehand.
  • You can add something extra to your outlets. You can offer VR based games in your showrooms for better customer experience for buyers.

Technomagic can guide you through every step and all possibilities that VR, animations etc. can offer for your automobile businesses.

For your unique gaming experience

For entertainment purposes, we give you the best realistic experience in your gaming obsession. Your VR headset will have nothing but thrill. The gaming experience will be more interactive, realistic and everything VR games can offer.
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Our VR techies know just what to deliver for your full gaming experience.

Boost experience of shopping at your store

Our interactivity of VR can help inventory based stores like super shops, clothing lines etc. Design your super shop efficiently and make it more buyer friendly by using trials of shopping experience through VR.
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Trying to cut the cost for your clothing store? You can showcase different products on the same dummy model in rotation, cutting the cost of maintaining a mannequin for your clothing line.
Technomagic can support any comfort VR, software, mobile apps etc. can offer for your inventory efforts just to ensure the best output for your business.

For the right choices of furniture

Did you know you can show different forms, designs of furniture without having the physical space?

With the help of our VR process, you can now show different forms, colors, designs of furniture and be more efficient in

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customizing your pieces. Visualization of your furniture in different rooms is possible so that customers can make the best decisions for their homes, offices etc.

For the perfection of manufacturing

You can visualize your industrial manufacturing plants through VR, making establishment and outlining easier. With the help of our VR services, you can ensure the perfection of your plants and planning.

VR is the future

so the sooner your company adopts, the better potentials will open up for you. We will customize our services according to your needs so that you can have the best comfort and results that you deserve!
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We can work with any industry, physical setting etc. and give you the most effective VR solutions in the country.
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Want to experience something outside your regular world and step into a new dimension? We can make this wonder world work for your real life purposes through virtual reality technology.

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