This AR-based solution will help you to find out your exact location in a large complex or shopping mall or hospital. It’s the most effective way to find your desired route easier and faster.

Interesting, right?

What is an indoor mapping AR solution?

Suppose, you are in the shopping mall and you need to go level – 03, to find your desired shop and you don’t know the actual location.

Now, what will you do? 

You may ask a passenger or call your relative but still, you will have difficulty in finding the exact location. To avoid this type of time-consuming things, you can track the right path by using an indoor mapping AR solution. 

How it works? 

  • Scan the information plate
  • Location and route direction will appear on the mobile screen
  • follow the direction 
  • Now you are in your desired location

Benefits of indoor mapping AR solution?

  • Easy navigation in busy or large areas. Like- hospital, shopping mall, airport, large corporate building, large corporate event centers and many more
  • It shows an accurate map direction
  • Allows multiple users to find their routes
  • Increased productivity of staff as it saves time
  • Security solutions can be easily integrated 
  • Great user experience



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