TechnoMagic has been developing Shiki Aana, a 3D animated TV Series for kids and teenagers which will be broadcasted nationally in Bangladesh. Its main story is set in medieval times of Greater Bengal with elements and themes of Fantasy & Magic, Teenage Superhero, Humor & Comedy, Action-adventure, etc. It also touches upon children’s character development arcs such as, Developing friendship, Becoming a responsible adult, Doing Selflessness deeds and Heroism.


  • Category: Animated TV Series
  • Length (1st episode): 18 mins
  • Total reach ( tailor): 23k
  • Releasing media ( tailor): Facebook page and YouTube
  • Production duration: 3 months (1st episode)

01847285653, 01847285654, 01847285657

House# 414, Road# 30, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206.