BIJOY- a story of Operation Jackpot


BIJOY- a story of Operation Jackpot

Operation Jackpot is an international grade 3D Animated AV produced in Bangladesh. The story of this animation based on a true event of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. It has elements of action, suspense, history, morality. Kids and teenagers of our modern era will find this animation highly entertaining and engaging. Underneath all of this is grand storytelling that will give messages of patriotism, responsibility, social good, and selfless acts as moral lessons for children and teenagers.

  • category:  Animated short film ( educative and informative)
  • Production duration: 3 month
  • Length: 7.05 minutes
  • Releasing date: 16 December 2019
  • Releasing media: Facebook page and YouTube
  • Reach on Facebook: 50K
  • Reach on YouTube:  9K
  • Audience’s feedback:  we are blessed with lots of positive appreciation

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